Bluetooth Passport PRO

Bluetooth Passport PRO 2.0

Automatically performs the login procedure when trusted devices are in range

Scans the proximity and automatically logs in the user when the trusted device is close by. Supports a standard Bluetooth device, a cell phone or a PDA, and you can log-in with even touching the keyboard, this way users avoid using their password to prevent trojans or keyloggers to capture them.

Bluetooth Passport is a remote keyless system for PC. It's unnecessary to input user name and password which is always being complex with keyboard and mouse to logon system any more. Your cell phone can help you logon Windows automatically.
It gets more safety and much better ease of use. Most Trojan houses and spyware steal password by hooking keyboard messages. Bluetooth Passport can help you to logon system without press any key. After you leave your computer, it even help you to lock system automatically.

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